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Marco and Rodolpho

In what ways do the three main male characters in “A View from the Bridge” demonstrate differing kinds of Masculinity to the audience? Eddie Carbone is a longshoremen, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Beatrice and his niece Catherine, who he has brought up since her mother has died.Read More

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Eddie Carbone

To what extent does an audience sympathise with Eddie Carbone in Arthur Miller’s ‘A View from the Bridge’? Eddie is a character who demands a lot of attention from the audience as through most parts of the play one has conflicting emotions about him, either sympathy, criticism or a confusingRead More

A View from the Bridge

First came to me” which means that Eddie must go to visit him again and telling us that something exciting must happen later on because Eddie only really has need to visit a lawyer when something bad happens, therefore building up the tension even more. Alfieri opens the play withRead More



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