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Electrical curren

Although if the zero error is very small in proportion the result value then it is unnecessary to subtract it because it will make very little difference and may cause you to make errors in the calculation and so get fluctuating results. Safety: This is quite a safe experiment toRead More

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Conducts electricity

Aim: To find out which factor or factors determine the resistance of a length of carbon in the form of a pencil. Introduction: The reason we are investigating carbon is because it has very interesting properties and because it is such an important element in electronics. What makes carbon soRead More

Chemical formula

An enzyme is a biological catalyst. A catalyst enables substances to react more quickly. Atoms break and form easily which are between bonds which are helped by catalysts. The particles need less energy, so the proceeds more quickly. For example, catalysts are now used in car exhaust systems. Car fumesRead More

Graph card Copper

Preliminary Results For this experiment I needed to decide what material to use. I decided to test the materials three times on the same carbon track and find the average results. Here is a table to illustrate my results. The length of the carbon track was kept constant at 6cmRead More



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