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Romeo and Juliet – Juliets reaction to Romeo

Ask: How does Shakespeare present Juliet’s reactions to Romeo in their first two scenes? (1: 5 and 2:2) Juliet falls in love with Romeo from the first meeting. In the first meeting Romeo doesn’t approach Juliet with words of love but words about religion and pilgrims. Romeo assures Juliet thatRead More

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Legendary play written by William Shakespeare around 1595

“Romeo and Juliet” is a famous and legendary play written by the William Shakespeare around 1595. Romeo and Juliet stands as a great play in its own right. This is a tragic play about a pair of star-crossed lovers “Romeo” and “Juliet”. They both pursue their love for each otherRead More

What Caused Romeo and Juliet to Die?

In this essay I am going to answer the question, what cased Romeo and Juliet to die in the Shakespeare play of the same name. So what did cause them to die? In the play many things are suggested, but none are specifically indicated towards the cause of death ofRead More

Discuss the theme of love in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

Introduction: In the introduction of my essay I am to explain why Romeo and Juliet is seen as the most famous love story ever told, I shall include some of the adaptations that I know of. Romeo and Juliet is the story of two lovers, who were secretly married andRead More

Marry Paris

By what means does Shakespeare engage his audience in the Prologue and first three scenes of ‘Romeo and Juliet’? What are our expectations? Right at the beginning of any text, it is vital that the author is able to engage the audience or reader’s attention. Shakespeare was almost thirty yearsRead More



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