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Business Report

Generally looking at the retail industry, it could be said to be within a very dynamic and a fast changing sector. In terms of transactions and turnover; it represents a large sector in the economy and so as a result it is quite a sophisticated industry which is very competitive.Read More

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Business Process Re-engineering

“Leaders must nurture and encourage internal and external stakeholders to achieve the desired change”(Peter Homa 1995). All levels of management providing a cohesive and honest approach to the potential radical changes assist in the positive outcome of Business Process Re-engineering. A leader is only powerful insofar as he or sheRead More

The Harvard business review

Communication is the process of transmitting information from one person to another (Weick and browning, 1986). Business is accustomed to providing training when employees lack specific skills, including communication skills. An effective will bring lots of benefit both from internal and external. Therefore firm need recruit people who have abilityRead More

Barnes & Noble’s Business Model

The book retailing business was divided in independent local bookstores, larger chain stores and superstores. The 12,000 independent stores in the United States lacked a close connection with publishers and have a less commercial approach to merchandising books. They depended on local reputation, specialization and expertise. Although the most successfulRead More

Niyi Osundare and first they came

    No exact time is mentioned for Chinwae and the narrator was taken away ‘one evening’. The different use of times also links with the ‘waiting’ part as it shows that ‘they’ are waiting unremittingly to apprehend these innocent people. They haven’t got anyone to secure their right toRead More



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