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Unit 4 M1

Verbal information is when you communicate with a person in front of them for example face to face communication. This is a good way to communicate because you can get the point across more easily and understand the situation much better then over the phone. Telephone is another source ofRead More


Barclays Bank promotes their financial products and services, in different types of magazines. For example, if the business wants to encourage customers to join their car insurance service, they would advertise it in car magazines such as, Autotrader According to Banning (1995), point-of-sale is, ‘anything which influences the consumer atRead More

Stradivarius violins

The Times report starts by saying that the jet “cut” the wire, rather than “sliced” it. It continues by saying that twenty people “fell” three hundred feet – whereas the Mirror says they “plunged”. The Times spoke to an “angry” woman, the Mirror spoke to “furious” residents. The technician rescuedRead More

Controversial Ads

Every second of the day, no matter where you are, you are influenced by advertisements. As we drive down the highway listening to the radio we hear advertisements through commercials and look out the window to see huge billboards. When surfing the internet advertisements “pop up”, and while watching televisionRead More

Local Retail Advertising

Is there such thing as a Filipino ad? Frankie Lacambra, head of Link Advertising, Inc. , holds, “a good as has no nationality because a good idea is universal-simple, powerful, timeless, and it belong to the world. But a Filipino look in an ad is always welcome. Ad men shouldRead More