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What Is Not an Influencer Marketing

Just before you commit and boo-boo that may lead you off the right track, this is an excellent time to point out that influencer marketing is not only about finding a person with an audience and offering them some sum of money or exposure so they can put in aRead More

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Remote Access Programs

Remote access refers to the act of allowing people to access business computer systems even when not directly connected to the business network. More importantly, remote access involves allowing staff to log in to your customer database from home, setting up a remote access server where clients can download projectRead More

Ralph Laurine Clothing

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an apparel-oriented organization that is based in U.S. The company focuses on making various designs for men, women and children. Moreover, the company is also involved in marketing and selling high end apparel, fragrances, accessories and home furnishings to various clients globally. The company whose headquarterRead More

Business Report

Generally looking at the retail industry, it could be said to be within a very dynamic and a fast changing sector. In terms of transactions and turnover; it represents a large sector in the economy and so as a result it is quite a sophisticated industry which is very competitive.Read More

Business Process Re-engineering

“Leaders must nurture and encourage internal and external stakeholders to achieve the desired change”(Peter Homa 1995). All levels of management providing a cohesive and honest approach to the potential radical changes assist in the positive outcome of Business Process Re-engineering. A leader is only powerful insofar as he or sheRead More



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