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A Priority for Two World Class Builders

This document deeply explores the content related to business diversity in publicly accessible web-sites of two world-class, US based construction companies: Barton Malow Company and Turner Construction Company. This exercise attempts to answer several questions: What are these companies’ stated goals with respect to business diversity? What proof of trueRead More

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The matrix symbols

The opening sequence of the matrix immediately introduces us to a computer with a bright green flashing cursor, the camera remains still as if to be a computer screen, and then lots of numbers, letters and symbols scroll down the screen, which could be computer language this shows the audienceRead More

Basic database building

In this assignment I had been given the task of creating a multi table database that would be implemented in to a sports complex called Sports World. The database had to do the following things;  It needed to have an input form for all of the users to be enteredRead More

UK Domestic Buildings

Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), produced from burning fossil fuels lead to the serious problems in global warming in particular and climate change in general. Because of this, ways on how to limit and reduce carbon-based gases emissions are embodied in the international Kyoto Protocol in combating theRead More

Building Your Own Yurt

For someone who likes to go camping, learning to build a yurt can be an enjoyable experience. A yurt is a circular tent that nomads used as homes. It originated from the East, “yurt” being a Turkish word meaning a “dwelling place”. However, the yurt that is more popular nowRead More



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