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TV in Britain since

Deregulation when applying this term to the media, means setting a statute or law that the British broadcasting industry has to abide by. The Philosophy of the Public service Broadcasting industry according to Reith was to ‘educate, inform and entertain’. The 1990s broadcasting act, the white paper that was publishedRead More

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Feminism is the Dominant Ideology in British Soaps

In the episode examined, there were no less than 42 scene changes. Although there were only 4 different storylines happening, the Director chose to stimulate audience interest in the plots by keeping each scene short – in fact over the 27 minutes of viewing time that is an average sceneRead More

Australia Bank

This paper aims to integrate the theories of public relations and contemporary corporate communication management theories to analyse and make subsequent recommendations for the National Australia Bank. The National Australia Bank is a global organisation, which has experienced many crisis events throughout 2004 that have irrevocably damaged its reputation asRead More

The same job, the male tends to get paid more money

Throughout History many stories are told of great and powerful men. Men who were warriors, politicians and kings. History often leads us to believe that women were hardly an existence in the past as many history books write only of great men, most men believed that they were superior toRead More

Ageing Essay

  With increased numbers of older people, one would assume that this would provide greater representation and participation in the politics of the 21st century. However, quite the opposite has occurred and in Thatcher’s vain attempts to control the amassing numbers of older people she implemented policies which in theRead More



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