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Williams, in his play, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, uses sound effects, lights and music to create a very involved atmosphere. The intersection of past and present in the lives of the characters, especially the protagonist, Blanche, is the most intriguing point of the drama. The music constantly being played throughoutRead More

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Tennessee Williams

But this is not a sensitivity of an educated, intelligent and high- spirited man but of one who had endured life’s trials and takes care of a dying mother. They are similar because they both have lost a beloved person and can understand each other’s suffering. But Blanche is obsessedRead More

Blanche at the End of the Play

The word ‘boy’ suggests this was a young romance, perhaps Blanches first love, perhaps her only love and it would be hard not to sympathise with her because of it. As Williams gradually reveals her past, I find myself sympathising with her more and more. Earlier on in the scene,Read More

A streetcar named desire

Mitch is upset that Blanche lies to him and does not tell him about her affairs at the Hotel Flamingo. Mitch finds out from Stanley: ” Lies, Lies, inside and out, all lies. ” Blanche is not used to being rejected; her reaction to this is that the little self-worthRead More



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