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It’d be nice. Shift, Billy

In a Kestrel For A Knave Billy doesn’t exactly live in the land of luxury. He wakes to a grim bedroom and an unpleasant brother on the other side of the single bed, Billy and Jud share: “There were no curtains up. The window was a hard-edged block the colourRead More

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Kes affected Billy’s life in many ways

  Billy takes control of his life, as it shows from the quote above, but he also takes control of Kes’s life and looks after her with a lot of care. For example he changes his shed into a home for Kes, he shoots birds and gives the fresh meatRead More

In Kestrel for a Knave

  ” The effect of him descending into darkness is symbolic of him going down into the dark pit. It is literally and metaphorically a low point in the story and is almost a diametric opposite to the moment where Billy climbs the tree “caterpillar like” to reach the freedom,Read More

Jane Eyre

I attend a private outstanding school situated in the countryside with sports fields, tennis courts, swimming pool and many other privileged things. By being given the opportunity to try different sports, subjects and hobbies it gives me a wider experimental range of things I can find I am good atRead More



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