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Electronic vs. Paper based systems

In an increasingly diverse and multi-cultural world with greater accessibility to foreign countries, the issue of language and culture and understanding the differences inherent amongst ourselves is becoming much more important especially in a business context. More and more Western businesses are seeking to take advantage of the relatively untappedRead More

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Bible the Commander

In chapter fifteen, just before the ceremony the commander reads several extracts from the bible. The Bible the Commander reads from is locked in a brass bound leather box; this is a practice that was widespread during the Dark Ages. The Commander reads selected sections of the Bible that couldRead More

In the world of Salem

“With Reference to Historical Context, Characterisation and Performance, Discuss the Use of Tension-Building Techniques in Act 2 of ‘The Crucible’” “Crucible – A vessel in which metals are heated to an extremely high temperature, melted down and purified” – that is what the dictionary says about a crucible. That oneRead More



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