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Deviant Behavior

Deviant Behavior is any behavior that is not consistent in what society considers to be normal. There are several behaviors that can be classified as deviant behavior, some of those being simple acts like purposely taking candy from a small child just for kicks or on the other end ofRead More

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Addictive behaviour

I would be aware of mentioning the addiction before the client is ready to talk about it, I feel it is for the client to lead this disclosure and to focus on it when they are not ready, could adversely impact on the them, although if they are noticeably intoxicated,Read More

Behaviourism as a psychological approach

Critically assess the value of behaviourism as a psychological approach? In his essay I will provide information related to the assessment criteria. I will demonstrate my understanding of behaviourism from a psychological approach. The behaviourists that I have chosen to compare and discuss are, Watson, Pavlov, Thorndike and Skinner. From aRead More

Organizational Behaviour

The obvious contribution of the Hawthorne Studies to behavioural understanding was that it was the first study to recognise social factors effecting production. These ideas however were not born from the studies. Dutton, P, D (1920’s) When writing on the needs of a worker ‘Security, the sense of advancement, theRead More

Reason or emotion

To decide what role intuition plays in economics is a bit trickier. Economics is a human science which means that it studies human behaviour. It is a science, but not as exact as physics. Economic results are difficult to measure and economic policies are hard to prove or disprove. HumanRead More



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