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BBC report

It is a basic cause for an individual’s wants and behaviour. When young, we all our thought about basic values, perceptions and wants from our family or any other important group. Countries with similar per-capita income may have different wants or preferences for products. Organisations or the companies always lookRead More

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Broadcast television

  During the 1980’s and early 1990’s a new innovative form of broadcast television was developed in Britain with the establishment of Channel 4. It began broadcasting in 1982, a commercial channel which had a carefully formulated public service remit. In the beginning it was funded by the main commercialRead More

The television act

Explain how either broadcasting or the press are regulated in the UK. In terms of the media, the broadcasting section of it is relatively ‘new or recent’ particularly when we compare it’s life span (from around 1900 to present) to that of the press, which has had a long illustriousRead More

Is there a place for Public Service Broadcasting in the UK?

  The BBC’s 2003 Annual Report stated that the BBC receive close to i?? 2 billion from the public in the form of licence fees. Several campaigns are currently active to abolish or rethink the licence fee. With time ticking on to 2006, these resistances are gathering pace. BBC ResistanceRead More

BBC World and CNN International

Both BBC World and CNN International agreed that the fundamental factor behind choosing the lead story is the news value behind the important story. They also agreed that footage that is visually good is important since at the end of the day, it’s television and the appearance is equally important.Read More



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