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Gabriel Oak

He seems undignified when talking to Bathsheba, and this is unlike Boldwood’s character when we first read of him. It is obvious now that he is descending deeper into madness. For ten chapters we read nothing of Boldwood, aside from a brief conversation between him and Bathsheba in chapter twenty-threeRead More

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Valentine and what were the consequences

Bathsheba is a beautiful young female farmer who gets noticed by everyone (men that is) and loves being the centre of attention. This is what is happening at the corn-market in Casterbridge. Bathsheba is not interested in anyone but enjoys the interest that everyone gives her. However she is awareRead More

Gabriel Oak

Thomas Hardy born 1840 and died 1928 and he lived through the industrial revolution; he lived a poor child hood, as his father was a stonemason his whole life was centred around the countryside, as were his novels. Hardy started his carrier not doing novels but doing poems. The novelRead More

Far from the maddening crowd

Her whole relationship with Frank Troy is on impulse. She hears rumours about his wild ways but doesn’t believe them. She is following her heart instead of using her head. This shows determination and stubbornness. Her determination can have positives and negatives. Her stubbornness drives Gabriel away even though heRead More

The Madding Crowd

Explore Thomas Hardy’s use of letters in ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’. Do you think they are successful literary devices? In ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’ there are several letters that are important and change the course of the novel in one way or another. I am going to focusRead More



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