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Australian public figure

Within language study, discourse means a stretch of language used in a particular context. Discourse is a way of looking at the way language is actually used in real situations and social settings. Hence, a conversation between scientists, a chat between manager and worker, teacher and student, doctor and patient,Read More

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Wealth creator magazine

Company Profile: An Australian business investment magazine that publishes article pertaining to financial success and investment strategies. Corporate Purpose: To increase magazine circulation and achieve rapid growth in a declining magazine category. Business Model: WCM’s distinctive competencies lie within its team of personnel who are all extremely motivated individuals likeRead More

Australian assets

The main part of Powergen’s UK business is energy trading, in which the company is able to maximise value from its generation assets. By being able to switch from gas to coal for generation, Powergen has reduced the effect of gas price rises. At the end of 2000, Powergen’s UK wholly-ownedRead More

Unique and valuable

The role of media studies when attempting to make sense of political, economic and cultural meaning in everyday life is not only most significant, but is the centerpiece of such aspects. To fully understand the true meaning and worth of media studies, the origins and complexity of the subject mustRead More

The British society was violent compared to its European counterparts

  It is hard to make generalisations about this subject but it does not seem to be a rapid change. Wages are an important factor in any society, by looking at wage increases and prices we can get an overview of how money was spent and how inflation was subsidisedRead More



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