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Auditory preference

During this part of their work the groups were working in a similar way. However, Katerina and George (auditory strength) were collaborating better than the other two groups since they were having big conversations that helped them express their thoughts and debug appropriate rules to achieve their plans. Elisabeth andRead More

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The Inspector does Priestley convey

He has no assistant with him to help take notes, police officers generally work in twos. He also never asks a question that he doesn’t already no the answer to, but he never takes, or looks at, any notes. On page eleven the Inspector says “two hours ago a girlRead More

Richard at the end of Act 2

The play Richard III shows power, greed and ambition and how doing these things can effect other people and change how you act and think. In the world today someone who is like Richard in the way that he is greedy and power hungry is Saddam Hussein. The whole playRead More

Uses of Encryption

As well, encryption is used to protect personal stored data – such as financial information and medical records – from unauthorized access and alteration. This is important because it gives people the ability to protect their privacy by giving them totally control over their own personal information. Only they canRead More

A working class girl

Eerily, just as Mr. Birling finishes his long speech, ‘we hear the sharp ring of a front door bell’. This is the Inspector. At first he seems like a typical inspector; he is polite yet frank, straightforward and purposeful, which arouses interest in the audience: what information has he comeRead More



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