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Auditing: Assurance & risk

Information has been collected from seven channels, either formal or informal. They are the bank, the state Insurance ComMTSsioner, some business acquaintances, colleagues in the tax department, the prior auditor who retired, the controller of MTS, and informal channel such as golfing buddies and grapevine. More information should be acquiredRead More

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Freedom and Authority in the Tempest

In the Tempest you see a variety of themes set in many different contexts which develop further as the play progresses, many of the themes are based on what would have been current issues around the time the play was written. However the strongest of these themes have to beRead More

The Passion Of its Audience

A Great Play Should Inspire The Passion Of its Audience. In what way does A view From A Bridge Achieve This? A view from the bridge was an extremely enjoyable play to read. This was because the author achieved the aim of inspiring his audience. He attained this goal by dealingRead More

The first World War

Both poets explore a form of exclusion and are similar in the respect that the exclusion was brought about by war. They have face exclusion due to similar circumstances and this is outlined in both ‘Disabled’ and ‘Refugee Blues’ respectively. Wilfred Owen explored the theme of exclusion by taking aRead More



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