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An inspector calls

    The Inspector then reveals that Mrs. Birling in fact spoke with Eva only two weeks ago, a fact that causes a great deal of alarm in Sheila . Mr. Birling thinks what to do. In disbelief of what the Inspector has just said he asks his wife whetherRead More

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John Steinbeck create atmosphere

At the beginning of chapter 5 Steinbeck creates an image in the readers mind. He does this by describing the scenery as peaceful and unsettled. To emphasise this he adds in the simile, “like a mountain slope to the other end of the barn. ” Steinbeck repeats this technique inRead More

Atmosphere in Great Expectations

At the end of Chapter 19 the mood and atmosphere changes as Pip has to decide whether to go to London to meet the girl of his dreams or to stay with his friends in in his little, quiet village. Pip has been left money by an unknown person. HeRead More

With close reference to the texts studied

In this essay I will be comparing the ways in which Susan Hill and Charles Dickens convey character, setting and atmosphere in “I’m the King of the Castle” and “Great Expectations”. From “I’m the King of the Castle” I will mostly be focusing on extracts from chapter one, from “GreatRead More



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