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Reflection paper

  The 1996 Immigration Acts conflicts with the Bill of Rights which are rights belonged to all the people who live in the United States of America. If the 1996 Immigration Acts only apply to deporting felons who commit severe crimes such as murder, rape, and violent gang members itRead More

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The quality of life that exists both between and within ethnic groupings in Britain

  This is, in part, a consequence of the fact that African-Caribbean’s live, disproportionately, in inner-city area’s where such crimes are particularly likely to take place. However, they also have a racially motivated character. Abercrombie and Warde pg 261(1981) states A Home Office report of 1981 on racial attacks estimatedRead More

Jadids of Central Asia

Education was at the heart of Jadid activities. A more secularised type of education was introduced in much of the Muslim world in the nineteenth century, but it was pragmatism that triggered the reforms. A new kind of education was necessary in order to increase efficiency. For the Jadids ofRead More

The ethnic minority population of the United Kingdom

The ethnic minority population of the United Kingdom has increased at a tremendous rate since the 1950’s, when most ethnic minority immigrants came to the UK as part of a replacement labour force, which was urgently needed following the loss of a large proportion of the nations labour force duringRead More



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