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Gold Cup

In contrast, the Mirror’s ‘puff’, advertising the Gold Cup, a major race at the Cheltenham festival, features to the right of the masthead. A small picture is incorporated inside, showing a jockey and horse racing forward. The puff is reversed out from a green background. ‘Trompe l’oeil’, is used, givingRead More

The broadsheet article

The broadsheet article is written in a very formal way. It does not include abbreviations such as “doesn’t” or “wasn’t”. The broadsheet article shows little emotive language, and no opinion. Once you have read the whole article, you can see that the article is divided up with all the negativeRead More

The indefinite article

The indefinite article “A” is used a lot; it is used to refer to something inparticular, “A player must not wear anything that is dangerous”, in this case it is stating something about a player. This makes the reader know what it is stating about the person. Nouns aren’t theRead More

Murray’s article

Before beginning to write, the writer must know what his subject is going to be. This is an important step and the reason it is listed as the first of the seven elements in Murray’s article on revision. Without an idea of how to start a paper, or what theRead More