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Arthur Miller(TM)s The Crucible

After the high drama of Act 3, Act 4 begins in a subdued manner, which as the scene progresses it slowly builds up to the major climax of the play. After the activities in the courtroom, you want Proctor saved and for the authority which controls Salem to become undone. ButRead More

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Millers Presentation

During the 1950’s America was very anti-communist, one person suggested there was communist activity in America itself. Once someone had suggested this the whole American government got suspicious and paranoid. Probably the most involved anti-communist politician was someone called Senator McCarthy. He accused the most people out of anyone, falselyRead More

Miller’s the Crucible

Miller’s “The Crucible” is based on the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692, in which many innocent people were executed due to accusations that were deemed believable at the time, by a group of adolescent girl’s. These girls were caught up in the widespread hysteria of the lies and deceit inRead More

The Castle of Chillon

It has been many a difficult few months for me. As you may recall when I wrote to you last in the winter on my way to Rome, I was on my way to stay with my dearest Aunt, Mrs Costello. I very much hoped to meet with the youngRead More

Shakespearean tragedy

‘Tragedy: a play in which the protagonist falls to disaster through the combination of personal failing and circumstances with which he cannot deal. ‘ This is one of many conceptions of tragedy, but to what extent can it be justified as being its own? Certainly, this is a definition, whenRead More



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