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Ruth has realized how much different LuLing

One must not forget however that there are signs that the young LuLing is still in there somewhere. For example the fact that LuLing is still strongly superstitious. She has never stopped believing in this curse that has been following her family for so many generations. She has even triedRead More

How effective do you find Donne`s

In the first stanza Donne presents a picture of a dying world, `The sun is spent… The world`s whole sap is sunk… life is shrunk, dead and interred. ` If it can be assumed that the poem is an expression of grief for his dead wife Anne (which would implyRead More

How would you direct Act 3

Hamlet is a play that has proved successful throughout the years. This type of play is known as a revenge tragedy, which was particularly popular in Shakespeare’s time. It also appealed to all social classes, since there was murder as well as sexual innuendoes for the lower classes and referenceRead More

Evaluation of our show at Marbella Youth Art Festival

We decided to produce our forum theatre at “El Ingenio” as the Marbella youth festival took place there. This was a great opportunity to show our play and make people reflect about the important topic that we dealt with which is fitting in. We had been rehearsing for about twoRead More

Order to achieve your aims

In this scene, Mrs. Betterton is speaking (we assume because we don’t actually hear his voice or see him on stage) to Mr. Betterton. She begins with the lines ‘Thomas? Thomas? It is the matter we discussed at breakfast. You remember? ’. This should give the audience the feeling thatRead More