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Happiness depends upon ourselves

“Happiness depends upon ourselves” according to Aristotle but Epictetus believes that “When we remember that our aim is spiritual progress, we return to striving to be our best selves. This is how happiness is won. ” Throughout Rhetorical History it is evident that rhetoric has served as a functional interactionRead More

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Virtue of thought

Aristotle’s Nichomachean ethics is largely concerned with achieving the highest good. To achieve the highest good, which we call happiness, he argues that we need virtue. In this paper, I will examine what virtue consists in, and within that section explore how virtue is related to reason. After that, IRead More

How would it affect the way you gain knowledge?

If you had the chance to communicate with the spirit of one of the leaders of the past, who would it be and how would it affect the way you gain knowledge? Philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, freedom fighters, dictators are some of the many personalities that one can choose from forRead More



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