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Main Concepts of an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a kind of written text that is used to teach students the ability to justify. An argumentation itself in the context of a reasoned essay means to explore the topic after determining its key problems by developing ideas that are supported by evidence from relevant sources.

The Importance of Your Argument

Before writing a well-reasoned essay, one should critically and selectively read; critical reading means understanding, questioning and evaluating the material read. Scientific references to other authors will only strengthen the arguments advanced by the student. The data, information, and quotes collected in the reading process become significant only when they are logically and consistently integrated into the plea. The process of developing a clear and convincing argument helps the author in his formation as a thinker and critic. This is due to the fact that written argumentation contributes to the development of mental abilities. It includes the organization of thoughts, the structuring of the material, the evaluation of facts, the observance of logical sequence and clear self-expression.

Constituent Parts of a Persuasive Paper

A persuasive essay requires to be divided into parts, and four of them are always obligatory: there are an introduction, presentation of the plea, expectation of objections, and conclusion. In the introduction, there should be an introductory and a thesis statement. An introductory statement is a special, attention-getting statement or question, quotation or other facts – everything that will make the reader read on. The thesis statement is the last sentence of the introductory part, which acts as the controlling force of the essay. The presentation is the submission of the argument and evidence support. English academic rhetoric requires that at a certain stage the author acknowledges the opposite perspective. If the student is not able to consider the expected objections, thereby he deliberately ignores the evidence against his plea. In addition, he should know that the argument will have more confidence if he himself recognizes the opposite side. The practice of contradiction improves critical thinking, forcing the author to put himself in the context of discussions and to realize that other points of view not only exist but have their justification. When examining objections, the student should offer solutions to the problems that the opposing opinion puts before his plea, indicate the weaknesses on which the opposite opinion is based, make concessions to him and propose a compromise position or decision. The conclusion should include the synthesis of the argument, the re-formulation of the thesis and the final statement.

Main Requirements to an Argumentative Essay
  • An essay should be perceived as a whole; the idea should be clear and understandable.
  • It should not contain anything superfluous, should include only that information which is necessary for disclosing your position, idea;
  • A persuasive composition should have a competent composition structure, be logical, clear in structure;
  • Each paragraph of the paper should contain only one basic idea;
  • This work should show that its author knows and uses meaningfully theoretical concepts, terms, generalizations, ideological ideas;
  • It should contain a convincing plea for the position stated in the problem.
Things to Pay Attention on

In humanitarian education there are absolutely no right or wrong answers to questions, as it happens in physics or mathematics – there are only more or less reasoned perspectives.  The final mark for the paper is put down for ideas, student’s’ own judgments, and their arguments.

When nominating one’s own position, the focus is on:
  • The ability of the student to critically and independently evaluate the range of data and viewpoints/pleas of others;
  • The ability to understand, evaluate and link the key points of any problems and issues;
  • The ability to differentiate what is more, and what is less important;
  • The ability to understand analytical approaches and models;
  • The readiness to differentiate opposing approaches and models and their application to an empirical material, discussions on issues of principle.

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