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The effect of communication

Humans are incredibly complex and advanced creatures. All though human beings appear quite intelligible, no human has perfect knowledge. Humans vary in their potential to gain knowledge, and have different intellectual abilities. Based on their specific background, an individual will have different religious, cultural, or political beliefs according to theirRead More

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Final Examination – Course Reflection

This semester of IB classes made me reflect a lot on important matters that on level classes wouldn’t encourage me to reflect upon. I’ve noticed that IB really challenges students and fuels plenty of critical thinking that will definitely be helpful in life. Among all the IB courses that IRead More

The Speckled Band

The style of narration in both stories has differences as well as similarities. The main difference is that the narrator in ‘The Speckled Band’, Watson, is personally involved in the story. He looks and watches Holmes at work. He can only explain the tale as he discovers it. This means heRead More

The resistance of a wire is affected

In conclusion I have decided to use Nichrome wire to experiment on because it has a greater resistance and larger range between highest and lowest resistance. By using nichrome my results are likely to be more reliable and easier to see how resistance increases as cross-sectional area decreases. Actual ExperimentRead More



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