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North Africa

When looking at the sudden elevation of the Arabs in terms of conquest, one certainly cannot dispute the spectacular nature of their rise. Within less than a century of the death of Mohammed in 632, Arab armies had transformed themselves from a tribal society in which the socially meaningful unitRead More

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Women and ethnic minorities

  ” Charismatic leaders “in times of spiritual, economic, ethical, religious or political emergency were neither appointed officials nor trained and salaried ‘professionals’. . . but those who possessed specific physical and spiritual gifts which were regarded as supernatural, in the sense of not being available to everyone. ” ButRead More

The Outsider

The last pages of the first part of The Outsider, by Albert Camus, are critical to both the themes and the plot of the book. This is a pivotal moment within the book; all that has occurred before this point culminates during these few pages, and all that comes afterRead More



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