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The function of Inspector Goole

The play ‘An Inspector Calls’ explores the relationships between a middle-class family and the secrets they hide from each other. It is set in 1912 at a time of social upheaval and uncertainty, World War One was soon to break out and in the years to follow, strikes and generalRead More

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The Inspector replies

The Inspector appears to be a believable policeman. However, as the play progresses, we see this is not the case. The superficial appearance of the Inspector as an Inspector provides an impressive image of a believable policeman that the audience can accept. But, there are many factors, which makes himRead More

The characters and plot of ‘An Inspector Calls’

‘An Inspector Calls’ is a play by J. B Priestley, which was set in 1912, and written in 1934. This play is about the Birling family, who are wealthy and upper class people. The Birlings are involved in a mystery, and the Inspector questions each of them. The mystery isRead More



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