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Conversation Analysis

British public service broadcasting has survived the test of time and is now over eighty years old. To understand its longevity we must consider its initial conception, the challenges it has faced and the changes it has undertaken over the years. The political and societal changes that Britain has undertakenRead More

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American and European competitors

When China market first started to develop and become open to opportunities in the early 1980s, (9)(Chai, J, 1997) Hong Kong investors were some of the first through to invest in China. In the process, they helped build China’s Pearl River Delta into a powerhouse of assembly and export-oriented manufacturing.Read More

Cultural values personal ehtics

My whole family immigrated to Los Angeles from the place I was born and raised–Hong Kong on May 2, 1989. I finished high school at Lincoln High school. Everything in the US was new and was very interesting to a teenage boy from the Far East. Teachers were formally andRead More

North America

I have truly enjoyed diving into the depths of my past and bringing up old memories. Reading has been an integral part of my life and has brought so much insight, joy and imagination to my world. 2. A favourite book of mine, growing up, was Little Women by Louisa MayRead More

The characters in the text

‘Crooks stared hopelessly at her, and then he sat down on his bunk and drew into himself’. What she meaning by saying this is that she could get him arrested for numerous things one main thing that she can get him arrested for is rape, this is related to theRead More



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