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A range of alcohols

These values were calculated using the equation function on Microsoft Excel. Methanol Balanced chemical equation: 2CH3OH  Total Energy In 20976 Total Energy Out 27236 Energy total (kJ): 20976 – 27236 = – 6260 Energy total per mole of alcohol: – 6260/2 = – 3130 Every result given is a minus figure,Read More

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Keep Bunsen flame

Mass of alcohol burnt for a temperature rise of about 10i?? c. This is a sensible rise of water temperature because it is large enough to measure changes in the mass of alcohol burnt but small enough that it won’t take too long to do each one. I will investigateRead More

The combustion reaction

The aim of the investigation is to discover the relative amount of heat energy that a set of alcohols release during the combustion process. Then the energy discharged by one mole of that alcohol must be found. Basic terms: Exothermic reaction – In an exothermic reaction, the heat energy ofRead More

Whether it matters which alcohol we use

In this case, ? H is negative, which means that more energy is released than is taken in. a & b = the reactants E = energy in system c & d = the products AE = activation energy Propanol & Butanol Propanol From these calculations, I can draw theRead More



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