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Types of Drag in aircrafts

There are several types of drag: form, pressure, skin friction, parasite, induced, wave and ram. However, form, pressure, skin friction, wave and ram drags are collectively known as parasite drag. Hence, there are only two types of drag: parasite and induced Parasite drag – Profile or parasite drag is causedRead More

Sources of Drag in aircrafts

Drag can be thought of as aerodynamic friction, and one of the sources of drag is the skin friction between the molecules of the air and the solid surface of the aircraft. Drag can also be thought of as aerodynamic resistance to the motion of the object through the fluid.Read More

Drag in aircrafts

There are four forces that act on an aircraft in flight: lift, weight, thrust, and drag. Aircraft’s motion in air is dependent on the relative magnitude and direction of these forces. Fig -1 below shows the direction of these forces. The weight of an airplane is always directed towards theRead More