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The impostion of structural adjustment programmes

  Overall, income perhead continued to decline in Africa during the 1980s and the food deficit continued to grow: Africa was still becoming poorer and the situation was gradually spinning out of control. Faced with these disappointing results the IMF, and the World Bank in its 1989 report ‘From CrisisRead More

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Which box to check, African American, Caucasian, Native American, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Asian? And these are only some of the choices. People in today’s society are more commonly experiencing the question of what box to check, after the word race. This happens in the classroom, on censuses, and evenRead More

A Question of Justice?

Poverty, the gap between the rich and the poor, ignorance and capitalism is what I see from the image of the cover from the Economist magazine that was given by Leslie last week. This image gives a clear image for us on how the people in developed countries are tryingRead More



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