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Teresa Zacoolink

“The Post-Colonial writings of women throughout the African diaspora often reflect ambivalence toward place and language (). ” Discuss with reference to Olive Senior’s Gardening in the Tropics. ‘ Displacement and Doubt in Post-Colonial Literature Nostalgic yet ambivalent, is the unrelenting reaction expressed by Post-colonial female writers of the AfricanRead More

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Death Stalks a Continent

You are a child in Africa, with little food, money, and shelter. You are living in a poor village and you have been a victim of the AIDS virus, or more specifically known as the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The AIDS epidemic is becoming a major issue all over theRead More

The reality of Africa’s situation

Following independence most African states had closer ties, especially in the economic field, with outside states than they had with each other, and foreign powers thus exercised considerable leverage within the continent. This applied especially to the former colonial powers since the ‘mother country’ was normally the new states’ principalRead More

The English language

The time of slavery and during the period of the civil rights era, when the word nigger was used mainly as a degrading insult, seem to be a problem of the past. In the present, nigger and especially its modified version, nigga is used in everyday slang among numerous youngRead More

The Nellie

We are immediately led into a slow and calm description of our surroundings by an almost invisible character unknown to us and the company on board this boat. I can only presume it to be Conrad himself, but it immediately shows us how mysterious Conrad’s writing can be and whatRead More



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