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Liberal thinkers

As the state is the supreme or sovereign power deciding the rules of social life, it is very important which person of group has the power to make the rules, the extend of that rule making power, and limits to that power. Poggi believed that because coercion can be putRead More

The reaction between hydrochloric

I will not use a catalyst in my experiment, as I feel that the experiment will be fast enough without one. Prediction I predict that if the concentration of thio is increased, the rate of reaction is also increased. This is because in dilute acid, there are not many acidRead More

Integrated rate laws

This investigation is to study the reaction kinetics and find out evidence about the mechanism between the reaction of acid and magnesium. It can be done by finding out the rate, order, activation energy and enthalpy change of the reaction. Acid What is an acid? Definition: an Arrhenius acid isRead More

The Hydrochloric acid particles

Aim: To see how changing the concentration of Hydrochloric Acid affects the rate of reaction. Prediction: In this experiment I predict that the more diluted the acid is, the longer it takes for it to react. For example, If 2 molar HCL added to X molar Na2S2O3 took 40sec toRead More

The reaction is fastest

Many people are interested to know how to alter the rates of chemical reactions. Fertiliser manufacturers are interested in speeding up the formation of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen. Car manufacturers are interested in slowing down the rate at which iron rusts. This shows that rates of reaction is aRead More