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As can be understood by everyone, education is a form of learning in which skills, knowledge and habits of people in the society are transferred from a given generation to another through training, research, teaching among other activities (Dewey, 1944, pp 1-4). Education occurs as a result of what one have gained through experience that usually has a formative effects on how one acts, feels or even thinks.

I have been stepping on various level of education from my junior classes to where I am now, ready to advance my experiences that will help build my future career goal. My passion for upgrading my education level has been aroused by the needs of such experiences in the current world. In this case, am passionate to join the New York University, as an institution of choice to study the Engineering course. The choice of the institution is because it provides the students with the required skills and developments by offering training and research techniques that are adaptable to the market scope.

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The New York University is favorable to my career development needs, as it has various well-equipped campuses that can be used by the learners to advance their knowledge and skills. I would like to join the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering at Downtown Brooklyn, which is the main campus. I would like to pursue the course full time, thus making the campus my alternate home of interests. This is because I have no other commitments apart from learning, as I would like to build my future career goals in a conducive environment to avoid future regrets and improve on the life success.

The choice of the Engineering School at New York University is because it offers unique education experiences unlike in the other Universities worldwide. The NYU has unique model of offering education, dubbed i2e model meaning innovation, invention, and entrepreneurships. This adds the students with the creativity techniques in offering their innovative engineering services in solving various problems facing the global industries.

Moreover, the choice of studying the engineering course at NYU Polytechnic School is not by chance but is something I had been working hard in the previous learning levels to be an engineer. My creativity talent and the passion to be a Degree accredited engineer steered me to plan myself from the teenage up to now, thereby forcing me to choose a good, quality, and the best institution to bridge my passion to real career objective. Even though the financial plans are not favorable, I have done everything possible to support my career goals of joining the NYU
Polytechnic School for a Degree in Engineering.

However, it would be the pleasure to get a chance to pursue and complete Engineering Degree, as it is my passion to be a successful engineer. This is in order to facilitate, improve, and offer the engineering services in the global industrial market to meet the prevalent demand. Therefore, my admission will help meet my career objective, as well as supporting the various engineering sectors to get the experiences human resources.


Dewey, J. (1944). Democracy and Education. The Free Press, ISBN 0-684-83631-9



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