The Common Application Essay Prompts for the college students are announced - Sample Essay

What’s APPening with Essay Prompts this year?

The Common Application Essay Prompts are designed to get familiarized with the students’ sources of inspiration and motivation, their background and attitude towards life. Students also benefit from the essay prompts, because they strengthen their applications.

Prompt 1

Speak about your personality. Each person is a separate personality due to his or her unique set of character traits and spiritual qualities. A good personality refers to a sincere, holistic person who lives according to his vocation. Doubtlessly, students have background – family relations, friendship, childhood dreams, or school years. Explain its significance and how it shaped the person you are. Do not fail to mention your talents and hobbies.

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What is more, it’s always interesting to discover different facts about students – their fears, expectations, deep thoughts. Make your story engaging and worthwhile.

Prompt 2

Fundamental lessons we take from obstacles affect us greatly. Perhaps, you’ve overcome some difficulties which seemed insurmountable at first glance. If someone has such an experience, it means that he is mentally strong and never gives up. There traits are indispensable for you as a student and are appreciated by the admissions officers.

Sometimes the hurdle a person faces divides his life into “before” and “after.” Share such story if you consider this to be necessary.

Prompt 3

Dwell upon your beliefs or ideology. This is always a controversial issue since everyone has his own point of view
on religion, philosophy, and sense of life. Write about one idea that has personal importance for you or comment on query ethical dilemma. Be cautious and never try to persuade your readers, this is just about your worldview.

Prompt 4

Describe a problem you’ve solved. Problems are inevitable in our everyday life, and you have surely dealt with them. Explain how did you manage to cope with it, mention the steps and means you’ve resorted to. Don’t forget to tell about the consequences of your decisions. Another option is to speak on a particular problem you’d like to solve, even a global one. For example, since the new millennium began, the environmental problems have suddenly become widespread ones, and are largely discussed throughout the world. Suggest a procedure of resolving it.

Prompt 5

Various events, accomplishments or people encountered can serve as markers that change someone’s life. Write about what transformed you from a child into an adult. Everything has its imprint on a future, even an impressing film or a book. You should have something to develop into a successful Common App.

Prompt 6

What interest and captivates you? What do you find engulfing and motivating? Dwell upon some topics or fields you’re plunging into deeply. If chemistry is interesting for you, describe the experiments you’ve done or the urgent problems of this science. Summarize a thought-provoking book; speak on the long-lasting impressions after reading it. Make the admissions officers as interested and curious as you are.

Prompt 7

Definitely, a lot of your works is already accomplished. Share some of the written essays or create a new one.

Writing an essay is extremely useful because it allows learning clearly and correctly formulate thoughts, structure information, use basic concepts, highlight causality, illustrate your experience with relevant examples, and argument their conclusions. It is helpful in assessing the characteristics of your thinking, creativity, enthusiasm and potential. The best way to achieve this result is to write directly and frankly while remaining honest with you.

We hope this information was useful and you have found the prompt, which suits you best.



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