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Modern society is characterized by the development of technical progress and an increase in the collective knowledge of mankind, which is a prerequisite for the growth of the needs of specialists; who can not only coexist with the environment but also master the environment, navigate the new information space.

The main tasks of higher education in modern conditions are the preparation of fully developed, able to continuously learn, replenish and deepen their knowledge specialists. The essence of education is to teach them to think, learn on their own, adapt to a changing society, and increase their theoretical and professional level. Only those who learn the most quickly will be able to survive, overcome competitors, in other words, organizations must become “intellectual,” develop their abilities that are based on knowledge and adequate to external changes. The solution of these tasks should be promoted by the higher school through the integration of science, education, and production. Quickly and flexibly change the content of the educational material, combine the goals and directions of educational, scientific and educational work. To ensure the close relationship between all forms and methods of scientific work of students, implemented in the process of learning, and outside the educational process.

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