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Argumentative essay is considered to be one of the most typical assignments in college. If you are given a task to prepare this particular essay, you should prove how well you can stick to your beliefs and persuade others in their rightness. Your aim is to carefully examine the issue from various angles to analyze this matter thoroughly and precisely. This analysis should be supported by solid evidence and reliable facts. The reasoning for or against this specific topic should be logical plus taken from trustworthy, respectable sources.

Students have to remember two key aspects of creating proper argumentative essays with arguments. First of all, this essay type is based on mere facts and never on a personal attitude. The only rational reasoning is to be used to convince the readers in your ideas. After that, don’t forget about opposing side. To provide a decent work, you need to demonstrate the knowledge of divergent viewpoints on the chosen topic. It’s beneficial to reveal the weaknesses of these positions while highlighting the advantages of yours. In this type of work, you should discuss the reason for this event or situation, claim its importance and even propose possible outcomes.

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If you have doubts whether argumentative essay writing is among your talents, focus on choosing a suitable topic. We always have to apply well-reasoned proofs in our everyday life; it’s possible to choose the best topic almost from every area of life. It’s advisable to write your work on the topic that is somehow familiar to you. Select a particular event or issue in your life or your friends’ lives which have a significant impact on you.

You are to deliver a profound analysis of the situation – it’s easier to examine a well-known issue than an alien one. Plus this emotional connection will demonstrate your interest in the essay. Even if the problem has nothing to do with your surroundings, try to find points of intersection. Your topic is to contain the principal argument of the essay. For example: If you intend to lead a healthy life, you should get a bicycle instead of a car. It’s preferable not to choose essay topics that are too general. Make it narrow but meaningful, for example: Selling marijuana in public places should be banned.

The format of this paper resembles that one in other essay types – you can apply a five-paragraph structure. An introductory paragraph should provide an understandable description of the main issue and its significance to your readers. Make sure that this part of essay memorable to draw attention to the issue examined. You also need to elaborate a thesis statement, the crucial sentence in your essay, where the purpose of your paper should be revealed. Next three body paragraphs have to deal with the arguments in favor of your ideas. But don’t forget to back up these ideas with logical facts, statistical data, words of prominent scientists in this field and truthful examples. In addition, counterarguments are often used as a back proving them wrong.

The last paragraph plays a crucial role in the structure of any academic paper. You are supposed to provide conclusions of all concepts mentioned in your work without presenting any new information. This part will leave the biggest impression on the readers – your task is to provide your summary of the analysis in an interesting, brief, efficient and logical to show your critical abilities.

It’s a kind of art to be able to convince people to believe your thoughts and ideas. With our guidelines and tips, you’ll manage to deliver a perfect argumentative essay to get a great mark!



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