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New York University

As can be understood by everyone, education is a form of learning in which skills, knowledge and habits of people in the society are transferred from a given generation to another through training, research, teaching among other activities (Dewey, 1944, pp 1-4). Education occurs as a result of what oneRead More

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Organizational Change

As societies continues to evolve each breaking day, change in demands for new services and products force companies to make changes in different departments in order to overcome competition. The company that is usually able to stay in the market for long is the one that is exceedingly flexible toRead More

Easy steps to write an analytical essay

Need to write a good analytical essay, but do not know where to begin? Do not panic! It may seem a difficult assignment, as far as such type of paper requires stable organization and has nuances needed to be taken into account. Our article aims to show you how toRead More

The 2017 college application essay prompts and guidelines

Overview of new essay writing tips and topics The Common Application form was developed and launched in 1975. Since that time enrollees have been using it as a standard sample application. During a period of app creation till nowadays, its guidelines were slightly expanded. In 2013 new app prompts campaignRead More

Argumentative Essay Structure and Approaches to Write It

Argumentative essay is a paper, written on a controversial theme. This essay protects a certain thesis, about which it is possible to bring rationales “for” and “against.” What Are the Goals of This Work? It has the following purposes. The first goal is to convince the audience of a certainRead More



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