Writing a Paper - Sample Essay

After a long time of not being required to write anything, being asked to write a paper is an exciting but intimidating prospect. Indeed, writing is not an easy activity. It takes practice and a lot of thinking. Writing involves the expression of one’s ideas, and it could be directed towards a specific purpose. For example, a persuasive essay aims to convince readers towards a specific course of action, while a research paper intends to tell of the methodologies and findings of a research experiment. Thus, one of my personal concerns on writing is the effectiveness by which I could transform my thoughts into words.

I am well aware that I need to have clear sentence construction, subject verb agreements, and good choice of words in order to make a strong connection to my readers. Writing is also a conscious activity. Unlike verbal communication, which almost happens like second nature to me, writing provides more time for reflection and careful construction before it reaches the intended audience. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. The additional time puts pressure on me to make a good essay, because I am allowed more time to prepare.

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On the other hand, this is beneficial since there is less room for mistakes and the I am given ample opportunity to correct such mistakes, if any have been written. Indeed, when I write anything, I first write several rough drafts before settling on a final work. This ensures that whatever work would be seen by other people have undergone my scrutiny. This means that I am confident that my work would not embarrass me. Most importantly, I make sure that my papers are strong ones that express my opinions on certain matters, and that they are structured precisely to have smooth transitions for my readers.



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