World War Two - Sample Essay

Another cause of the World War Two can be witnessed at the end of World War One and the signing of the Locarno Treaties. The basic agreement found in these treaties consisted of a multinational agreement of respect for borders. France Germany and Belgium consented to not encroach each other’s borders as was stated in the Treaty of Versailles. Also, France and Belgium consented to never again invade the Ruhr. Germany made its mark on the paper that upheld that it would never again attack Belgium or France. Both Britain and Italy were the overseers of this part of the treaty.

Germany was further mandated to come to terms with the Rhineland being demilitarized. Furthermore, France consented to ensure the protection of Belgium, Poland and Czechoslovakia from Germany, if Germany should ever again to decide to renege on this treaty signing. Finally, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Czechoslovakia each agreed that there should never again be a fight among each other, and they instated the League of Nations to make sure that a war did not break out (History Learning Site, 2006). Cause of the War: Continued

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World War Two began with the invasion of Poland by Germany on September 1st, 1939 (known to the Germans as Operation White, or Fall Weiss) with the initiation of lightening attack or Blitzkrieg. Shortly thereafter France and Britain joined the war. Germany quickly began its domination of Europe with its war machines in not only Western Europe but also the northern deserts of Africa and the hinterlands of Russia. While the war was at its beginning defined by artillery it quickly became a war based more on industry and mass production. Germany was not the main contributor to the Second World War, but Italy and Japan also had strong parts.

For America however, the war began with the attack on Pearl Harbor. After this gruesome and clandestine attack America declared war on Japan which shortly evolved into Germany and Italy declaring war on America. Thus, the super powers of the world were engaged in mortal combat. However, it must also be noted that Japan eventually lost their lead in the war as America joined forces with the Allies and gained back her military prowess. Thus, Japan, though strong at the start of the war did not ultimately match or was prepared for the backlash of brute force that America contributed to World War Two.

The United States entered World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces on December 7, 1941. However, previous to officially entering the war, the US had offered substantial aid to the allied forces. The United States began, in March of 1941, the Lend-Lease policy of foreign aid. Following the passage of the Lend-lease Act, “the U. S. Congress, gave the President power to sell, transfer, lend, or lease such war materials. The President was to set the terms for aid; repayment was to be in kind or property, or any other direct or indirect benefit which the President deems satisfactory.

” (The Columbia Encyclopedia) To aid in the Pacific front, the US began an economic embargo against Japan, in favor of China. This also indirectly forced more nations to side with the allies. A second policy called the “moral embargo” called for a halt to aid to any country who took part in the bombing of civilians. This increased the world’s view of the US as a protector nation, while maintaining a facade of neutrality. Between these three actions, the United States was able to support the allied war effort for almost three years before entering the war officially.



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