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Using this early data analysis to check on the trend of young volunteers and youth in work, we find out that choices and views on careers and lifetime commitments change with time and type of exposure and educations as well as age. Research and findings to satiate and consummate these assertions are based on the constraints and variables as well as the demographics.

One, World Vision volunteer programs have a significant referral level with most of the successful volunteers having an age margin of 27 to 35 years. Most of these volunteers have gained immense social work skills and have knowledge and capacity to build their own communities to becoming stable pillars and contributors to the socio-economics.

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However, out of a vast number of the volunteers within the scope of the research fail to identify with major objectives stipulated within the social work contexts hence create a vacuum of scope of research into the problem. The level of proficiency and expectancy within these volunteers is high; those below 30 years are objective to attain full positions in World Vision making it difficult to comprehend the need for policies and principals of capacity building.

To understand this concept there is need for further research so as to have a clear picture which explains the recipient and work objective personality that contradicts and dissents with the World Vision empowerment and capacity building perceptions and policies hence subsequently disqualifying the potential within these subjects and subjecting them to questionable career choice classification who have no significant perception on capacity within knowledgeable personalities.

The relationship between early involvement of young participants in voluntary community development activities and their career choices On a global basis Using the World Vision context, volunteer ship reflects to development of skills through active participation in social work. Young people are deemed dynamic and more professed to take up cumbersome tasks of incorporating policies that help in creation of a performing society.

According to this research young people are dynamic and more dependable on due to their zealousness, energy and dynamic attitude towards purpose of cause. Various age limits and education backgrounds responds differently to the opportunities proffered within this context. Future participation and implementation of the capacity developed is consequential and at times diverse and not strategic. World Vision has established various programs in many nations and they have adopted the young volunteer’s perception as the basis of achieving their values and objectives.

By being volunteers in foreign missions and learning and integrating and relating with other global communities, the young volunteers develop and gain knowledge and expertise on how to sensitize community on their problems based on various community models as their basis and case of arguments and expertise. Besides efficiency and proficiency in addressing the same based on capacity building after successful ventures in other communities becomes experience and knowledge as well as the capacity to do so. Having an international role is to gain vast experience.

It offers a great potential and experience hence quantifies the strengths of conflict, crisis and community problems management. On the other hand attains a distinctive expertise in dealing and addressing different societies and communities problems and building them to become self reliant and able societies. At World Vision level volunteer ship and participation in World Vision activities is to help in creating and integrated community that espouses the aspects and principles of social cohesiveness and resource management through capacity building and community empowerment principles.

The institution values family and children needs and the youth who are offshoots of the same have to play pivotal roles in this so as to sensitize the community on having the right institutions and resources mandated to manage these values amicably and equitably. Relationship based on this perspective is on long term and the volunteer or social worker with World Vision seeks to identify on long term with this institution. Identifying is contextual and lingers on the issue of continuous participation and use of adopted essentials from World Vision even when in another institution in the same capacity.

Early involvement on this perspective as such is a foundational climax which disseminates the direction and ethical insights on future participation and contribution towards interests which reflect to the same as those that were learnt and used in the onset. Those within the age frame of up to 27 years of age respond to policies and develop skills and capacity. They become active social members and contribute to socio economic principals. They often seek to identify and perpetually work with World Vision on any capacity.

Those beyond the 27 year mark but not beyond 30 years seek to have permanent jobs with World Vision and are obviously worried of job security and hardly want long term commitment within the volunteer ship angle but rather become employed personalities. Thos age group performs much better due to confidence and surety of consistence pay and commitment to spouses or family. Those beyond the 30 years mark enjoy contracts which are very well paying with World Vision based on their previous active performance in the same organization. It is their performance and experience that puts them in this good stead.

On the same demographic, the youth are better off within the ranks of volunteer ship and internship. This is the basis of gaining relevant skills and developing others and majority, about 67% believe World Vision is the onset of gaining capacity building skills and relevant career development. Most wish and prefer to continue participating in World Vision programs in similar capacities and confirm enjoying the stipend offered when one is posted afar. What is the profile of young people who become involved in community development activities?

The aspects of performance and proficiency feature predominantly in this subject in principal. The roles and distinctions of the young people vary with enthusiasm and career objectives. Practice and future plans on careers and career development in social work become dynamic. Out of 100 respondents of World Vision community development insights claim they see the organization as an integral milestone in the NGO scenario with its global portfolio and diverse interest in developing the community being an attractive and highly saleable experience.



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