Windows Networking strategies - Sample Essay

Group policy can be of tremendous help to manage the software. It is an “active directory-based mechanism” which has a centrally defined configuration to be applicable for all customer computers. That is, a typical configuration will be defined which will be applied to all clients computers. Whenever there is an update, it can be sent to all computers at once. The benefit is that you don’t have to send updates separately to all users. Instead latest updates can be distributed with one message sent to all users at once.

No separate email required. The method is that internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is applied to all group computers. The policies for wireless networks are also well-defined. With group policies well defined it can help a lot in managing a number of tasks and give work output in much lesser time. In this way the consumer inquiries and tasks can be fulfilled in shortest possible time without interrupting the services provided to end-users.

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By forming group policies and working accordingly will improve service to the customers, help in administration work, reduce time, and increase work output on continuous basis.


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