Web design – build a store guide for a department store - Sample Essay

My aim is to build a store guide for a department store. It must be easy to use, easy to read and easy to locate the things you need. I am also going to build a website for a concession. To build the store guide, I could use Microsoft Power Point, as it is an easy package and has all the functions that are needed to create a presentation. Also I thought that Power Point would be good to use as it fits the page and you can see what space you have to work with. I could also use Microsoft Word. This is because it has lots of tools. It allows you to create text boxes and it has graphic tools.

To create the store guide, the hardware that I could use would be a keyboard, mouse and a monitor. The keyboard is used to input text into the system. The mouse is used to change around the layout of the screen and put in graphics. The monitor is simply used to display and show what you have put in using the keyboard and the mouse. To input images onto the system, I could use a scanner, the Internet, discs and a digital camera. Other hardware could be used, such as touch screens and light pens. To create the website for a concession, I am going to use web-authoring software.

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This could be Dreamweaver, HTML, note pad and front page. Dreamweaver would probably be the best as it is very easy to use, it displays the information and the links are easy to use. To import graphics and text into the website, I could use Photo Editor and Microsoft Word. These packages would be better to use for importing graphics and text into subsystems, as they provide more tools and they have a wider variety of options to choose from. The hardware that could be used to create the concession website could include a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor.

Other devices such as the Internet, which is an information source, could also be used, along with a scanner, digital camera to add images to my website. AO1-2 Using Hardware 5 To build my store guide, the hardware I used was a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor and a hard drive. I used the keyboard so that I could type text in. I used the mouse so that I could move the text and images around and place them where I wanted them. The mouse also allowed me to use the tools in the software, which I used in Microsoft Power Point. The monitor displayed my store guide as I was creating it. I used the hard drive to save my work so that I wouldn’t loose it.

I could of used a scanner or a digital camera to import images that I had scanned or taken photo’s of, and imported them into each subsystem but I didn’t think this was appropriate as I wanted to keep my store guide quite simple. Again, to build my website, the hardware I used was a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor and a hard drive. I used these for he same reasons as when I built my store guide. They were also very easy and quick to use. The alternative systems I could of used was a scanner and a digital camera, to import images onto the subsystem, but I decided this would have been quite advanced and would have taken longer to do.

So I just used the Internet and the programme I was using to get my images for my website. AO1-3 Using software 5 To build my store guide, the software I used was Microsoft Power Point, Clipart and Microsoft Word. I used Power Point to create the outline of my store guide as I thought it was the most appropriate and easy to use. It created a simple but very well presented, eye-catching store guide. This software let me link subsystems together. Power Point has tools so I could add text and graphics, although I used word to import text into my store guide.

I used Microsoft Word as it had more choices, as it is a programme that specifies in writing. I used clip art to import images into my store guide. I used Clipart as it has a wide variety of pictures to choose from. I could have also used Printmaster but I found Microsoft Word and Clipart easier to use as I had used both of them before. To build my website, the software I used was Dreamweaver. It offered everything to be able to create a website such as hyperlinks and navigation bars. I also added a form into my website. I did this by using the controls e. g.

Drop boxes and tick boxes, and this allows the visitors of my website to leave information about themselves if they wish, and it leaves me to contact them with any offers I have on my website. Dreamweaver is also web-authoring software which you need to create a website. I could of also used Front Page, Microsoft Word and HTML. I chose Dreamweaver as I had used it before and I felt confident using this software correctly. However, I used Microsoft Word to format and import my text into Dreamweaver, just like I did when I was building my store guide.

It was easy to use and it had spell check. I also found a range of images while browsing through the Internet and from paint. I used these in my website to show what it is about. I also made a logo on paint. I edited the images from both paint and the Internet, into Photo Editor. By using this software, it makes the website quicker to load as it takes up less memory when you save the images as jpeg files. Once I had saved my images I imported them onto my website. By using jpeg, you can also resize you images, which I found very useful.



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