Voluntary Euthanasia A Personal Report - Sample Essay

What would you do if someone She lost her hair and had pretty much close to you developed a terminal all the nasty side affects. illness and wanted help to die The outcome of this treatment was because they were in such unbearable mere; the vast growth of this thing pain? Would you allow the law to was unbelievable. Sharron refused stand in the way and let their to have further treatment as the suffering continue despite death being tragic news was given to us that she inevitable?

Would you take a step was inevitably going to die back and allow the law to continue It hit us all very hard. dragging out their poor quality of life Week after week Sharron’s condition to a humiliating and undignified death? worsened and the experience I know how it feels to stand by and of having to watch this was shear watch this happening. hell. I’ll never forget the day that she I think it is about time people had said she wanted a doctor to help a choice and the law her to die. Her request was denied was changed, don’t you? as in this country voluntary Voluntary euthanasia is euthanasia is illegal.

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Sharron was where the request of a kept in pain. I visited her in person who wishes to die hospital, everyday I saw her is carried out, so the death suffer a little bit more, is at that person’s request. weaken a little bit more and For example if someone is terminally everyday a little bit more of her ill they may wish their life to be ended disappeared, until the day when she but may not be in a state to do so just wasn’t there anymore. and so turn to someone else. They may have kept her body alive Apart from in The Netherlands, but Sharron had gone.

Her mind voluntary euthanasia is against the law, and personality were no longer and classed as a criminal act. there. She didn’t know who she was, where she was or who her My aunty Sharron developed family were. It wasn’t just her breast cancer at the age of 31 suffering but us (her family) too. 8 months after having a baby Imagine that…. imagine your boy. She had a mastectomy and own mum or a loved one not even just as we thought she was getting knowing who you are. It was tearing better she developed a brain tumour. my family and I apart.

Everyday of her She had the terrible experience of suffering was unbearable; I just wanted Chemotherapy to try and shrink the to be able to help her in some way, but tumour which made her very ill. I couldn’t, all I could do was watch. Finally the day came when Sharron I have fought against the disease for the died, it was kind of a relief. last 2 years and have had every possible That may sound sick but it meant medical treatment. I am fully aware an end to Sharron’s suffering and to of what future holds and have decided her family that was the main thing. to refuse artificial ventilation, rather than die by choking or suffocation, I want Voluntary euthanasia to Sharron a doctor to help me die when I am no could have shortened her pain longer able to communicate with my and suffering.

All that happened family and friends. I have discussed was that her death was prolonged. this with my husband Brian of 25 Sharron wanted to die whilst years, who respects my decision. she was still in control and could I want to have a quick death without say goodbye to her little boy and suffering, at home surrounded by my the rest of her family but so that I can say goodbye to them the law just ripped that . If I were physically able I could away from her and she . take my own life.

That’s not illegal. died an undignified and . But because of the terrible nature of painful death. Do you . my illness I cannot-to carry out my want to see this happen . wish I need assistance. Should a to someone you care . doctor give me the assistance I need, about. . she or he will be guilty of a crime that The definition of . carries a lengthy prison sentence. Voluntary is acting at . As the law stands it makes no sense. ones own choice.



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