A Vision of My Future and the World in 2010 - Sample Essay

It is not easy to envision what the future holds for any of us. Nobody really has the power to predict what life will be like for everyone living in this day and age in a years time, much less what lady luck will have us dealing with in 3 to 5 years . But, I will take a chance and hazard a guess of what my life, what the world will be like by the year 2010. On the worldwide front, I predict that the problems will still be the same and perhaps hit an even elevated level as the world becomes totally global and the balance of power amongst nations no longer tips in the favor of just one or 2 countries, or even, one region of the world alone.

The call of the times will be cooperation and understanding amongst the nations of the world since all countries will now be existing in a symbiotic relationship. Economics will play an important factor in the relation of nations as countries become less dependent on currency valuation between countries and increasingly rely on domestic spending and development for the financial needs of their respective nations. On the peace fostering angle, terrorism will still be a menace hounding the countries of the world.

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Their terrorism tactics will become more devious and more devastating because of the alarming increase in technology as well as uncontrollable spread of knowledge via the internet. The terrorists will continue to be hunted down and arrested but it will be a rough job to eliminate them due to the continuously changing dynamic of their organizations. But, we will feel safer in our world because of all the successful security measures that the UN and NATO will agree upon in order to hinder the movement and spread of terrorist groups in the world.

In this futuristic world, we will continue to deal with the problems and situations that existed and carried over from the 20th century because no problem can be solved overnight. By the year 2010 though, there will be more solutions offered towards eradicating health problems like cancer, AIDS, Avian Flu, and others. On the personal front, I have high hopes for myself by the year 2010. My family will sit proudly in the audience as I graduate with a degree in Organizational Behavior.

I see myself becoming a huge success in my chosen career field and my finances will grow exponentially. My hard work will pay off immensely for me because I will be able to own my own 3 bedroom house in the North. Maybe going in the direction of Bear Mountain. My relationship with my family will be strengthened by the addition of my own family and will allow my parents to see the future they have always dreamt of for me.

That is to be settled down and happy with somebody who will love and care for me more than my family ever can. We will live in a community where everyone is a friend and there is no neighborhood jealousy existing. My children will grow up secure and well loved. I will try to provide for them to the very best of my abilities. Even though I am already successful in life and should want for nothing more, I will still pursue further studies in the line of Business Management.

After I graduate with a Master’s Degree in the same course, I will go on to become the Property Manager of a high rise building in Manhattan that will cover a whopping one million square feet. I will be a socially responsible person who looks out for his neighbor and will be civic minded enough to participate in all activities that will help improve the community I live in and do my part in trying to preserve the planet and reverse the ill effects brought about by the past generations in order to insure the survival of future generations.



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