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Also a factor which makes a youth violent would be his peer group or the people he hangs out with. If a teenager has a delinquent group, he would be influenced by the faulty action that his peers are doing. If a teenager’s peer group is a violent gang then that teenager would also be involve in the violent gang activities that will occur. Lack of judgement with whom a young person will go to, social deprivation and poor academic standings makes a youth at risk and causes him to be with a delinquent group.

In the eyes of unguided youth, he would see his delinquent peer group as his only source of friends and would see their faulty actions as correct. Another factor that makes a young person violent would be a poor community environment. Low economic standing or poverty could cause a young person to result in crime and violence. Influence of other poor residents, which also result in crime and violence to survive, could also be a cause. Low or poor community participation will deprive a young person to the community. Social disorganized neighbourhood would create a negative aura to a young person.

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All these factors that cause violence are mostly the reason why a young person is violent. The effect of the violence in young person is startling. Today, Direct and indirect expenses of youth violence, such as medical, lost productivity, quality of life, surpasses $158 billion a year. Violence causes death and fatalities. Youth violence also affects the community by growing the expense of health care, dropping efficiency, decreasing possession values, and unruly social ethics. It is said that violence today would lead to violence in the future.

Violence would likely to continue in the cycle when a teenager is going to have his own family and live in a community. The violent teenager would also practice the violence, which he has witnessed during his teenager years, to his future family and community. It was also sited that violence leads to death and fatalities. 60 to 90 percent of the criminals today in prisons were studied to have experience youth violence. If a teenager is violent, he would likely to have problems in his future career and dealing with other people because of the experience he had encountered when he was young.

To sum it all up, violence in our youth today causes several economic, health and social problems. Most of the violent teenagers would end up in disorderly future. They would most likely to do the same violence they have experienced before and may even end up in prison or even death. (Anderson MA; (DHHS). ) Although the problem of teenage violence is upsetting, there is still hope to solve the certain problem. One of the ways to eliminate teenage violence is by proper media. If the children watch non violent programs then they will not be violent.

If the programs that the children watches are controlled by the media then there would not be a problem that media would induce violence to children. If the parents of the teenagers practice in their home non violent lifestyles then the teenager wouldn’t adapt to violent actions. Environment is a big factor that affects a teenager’s life. If the environment of the teenager is pleasant, then the teenager would also have a pleasant attitude. A teenager should also be observed to which peer group he belongs.

The parents and the guardians should monitor if his peers are good or bad on him. Making a young person active in conventional school and community activities is also a good way to make teenagers violence free. And lastly, the community should play a big role in making the youth have a violent free environment. If the young person sees a peaceful environment, with a pleasant home, good academic standings, good influence peers and a caring community then the student will be induced with well rounded effects.

It is not too late to make a change in our society today. It is a fact that we live in a world with violence. Acts of aggression and such cannot be avoided. Humans are born with aggression. But with a well rounded environment, aggression can be lessened. Violence leads to violence. Less violence leads to less violence. It is just a cause and effect factor. If we can minimize the cause then the effect would also be minimal. It is up to ourselves on what action we will perform. Our actions automatically affect another.




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