Video shop system – Feasibility Study - Sample Essay

One of our students works in a video shop and has noticed that the shop use a manual processes for everything. They have identified several problems with the existing process and wondered if there was any way that this could be improved. Additionally, the video shop is undergoing expansion. There are two points to consider here. Refining their processes of work at this stage could affect the way the expansion is carried out. Any work carried out just now needs to take account of future expansions planned. The key thing is that those undertaking this study need to communicate with those involved in planning the company expansion.

Scope of work Currently none of the shops processes are computerised. This study will focus on the main business activities of the shop ie stocking videos, lending videos and maintaining a customer database. Other areas that could be investigated with a view to automating at a later stage include all financial functions (payroll, rent, VAT, Profit and loss, depreciation etc), Promotional activities such as leaflet and poster production, staff rota and time booking system, calendar of events and new video releases, internal communications (with the expansion into new branches).

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The Current Process The business of the video shop can be broken down into a number of activities 3. 1 Membership Details Add a new member When a new customer comes into the shop and asks to become a member, the assistant asks the customer to complete a membership form. The assistant checks the form and then asks the customer for two forms of identification, which show their correct address. They make a notes of the documents on the form. If every thing is ok, the assistant refers to the Membership ID list, selects the next free ID and assigns it to the customer and writes it on to the customer form.

The assistant then hand writes a membership card for the customer, asks the customer to sign it, laminates it and returns it to the customer. The form is then filed in the members file in surname order. The customer name is written on the membership ID list against the ID number. Alter a member’s details If a customer comes in and says that they have moved or changed their name, the assistant firstly asks for proof of identity and to see some proof that this change has in fact taken place.

The assistant then retrieves the form from the membership file and using tipp-ex corrects the information on file. If the customers name has changed, the assistant also has to update the Membership Id list with the new name. Remove a member If for any reason a membership is cancelled, then the entry on the membership ID list has cancelled written next to it and the form is removed from the current members file and replaced in the leavers’ folder.



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