Today’s society - Sample Essay

In today’s society, teenagers strive for good looks and fashion which causes them to spend massive amounts of money and hours shopping at malls. At the same time in malls, stores compete with other stores in persuading teenagers to spend more money. Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are two very popular and competitive stores that are often located in malls. Their clothing lines accommodate the generation of teenage females. Although Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 target customers around the same age range, the stores have several differences and similarities in price, variety, and style of clothing.

Teenage females have a desire to buy more and pay less. Price is one of the most important factors in purchasing clothes. Charlotte Russe fits this criterion. According to Alex Biesada from Hoovers, a D&B company, “[Charlotte Russe is] priced 20% to 30% lower than competitors.” Charlotte Russe has lower prices maybe because it recently entered the business market in 1999, where as Forever 21 was found in 1984. On the other hand, Forever 21’s clothes are priced 2% lower than its twelve competitors. Both stores have items that are reasonably priced, but price is not everything; variety is another important factor.

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Not only do teenagers want their clothing to fit and to look good on them, but to also have many different pieces of clothing. The variety of different colors and sizes is another important factor in shopping for clothes. An online survey company, who observed Charlotte Russe said, “[The store has clothes that allows customers to] suit a variety of occasions, from work, to casual weekend, to going out.” Forever 21 mainly focuses on a small variety of casual, work, and school clothing. Also, the store only has clothing for very small to medium figured teenagers. Charlotte Russe also sells shoes and more accessories where as Forever 21 does not. Based on these factors, Forever 21 does not satisfy all teenage females when it comes to variety.

Teenagers all have special styles of their own, and clothes help show their styles. According to Stephanie Powers, from Store Spotter, “Charlotte Russe’s style reflects a very laid back Californian philosophy.” Charlotte Russe agrees with Powers by stating on its webpage, “Charlotte Russe stores deliver style in clothing and accessories, providing an exciting, fashionable assortment of merchandise that compliments virtually every facet of our customers’ lifestyle.”

In addition, the store uses several mannequins that display different styles during the seaons. Charlotte Russe has new items arriving on a daily basis, and there are always many to choose from. Forever 21 also has many of the latest styles in its stores, but does not have a specific style. According to Lena R. from Judy’s Book, “[Forever 21 has] funky, boho, sophisticated, preppy, [and] ghetto [styles].” Style in clothing is important in a teenager’s lifestyle.

Both Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 sell fashion clothing for teenage females. When spending a lot of money and hours shopping, teenagers tend to look for clothes with reasonable prices, variety, and style. Based on these three factors, Charlotte Russe is a better store to shop at because the store’s clothing is cheaper, and the store has more variety and style. Teenagers will be able to buy more and pay less when shopping at Charlotte Russe.



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