Theoretical Contribution - Sample Essay

The results of the study can be considered as an addition to the pool of knowledge on the topic that can be essential in attaining the public consciousness required to be able to resolve the cases that are related to domestic violence. Another consideration is the fact that the results can provide a substantial reference for future research endeavors regarding the topic (Wilt and Olson, 1996; Johnson and Kishor, 2005)

Both the narrative and the substantial aspect can be considered as important areas in the undertaking and carrying out of the project, thus, upon the completion, both aspects of the reports shall be satisfied. Theoretical Contribution The theoretical contribution of the research to be conducted is also an important aspect in the study of the domestic violence. One of the major aims in the undertaking of the project is the establishment of different concepts related to the issue.

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Through this, the pool of knowledge will continuously be enhanced and amplified which can serve for the purpose of educating the public on the effects of such crime, with the members of the family being the victims. Empowerment leads to either the prevention or the termination of the occurrence of violence (Kelly, 2004). An achievement of the research in line with the theoretical consideration can be possible in the attempt to present an established and well documented study results.

The analysis of the results that will be gathered shall be the basis of the establishment of an alternative view on the issue and even a generalization of a new meaning to the related issues on domestic violence.


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