The reaction times - Sample Essay

Introduction: Once I had read the ‘Reaction Times’ investigation many possible hypotheses came to mind. These included such hypotheses as:  Males have faster reaction times than females. I believe this to be correct because in such events as running in athletics males are faster and this could well be due to a faster reaction time. People with blue eyes will react faster than those with brown eyes. I believe this to be correct because it is a proven fact that people with blue eyes react faster to light which is likely to aid their reaction time.

Those under 30 will have better reaction times than those over 30. I believe this to be correct because older people tend to have slower reaction times than those of a young age. Also younger people are generally fitter so probably have a lower pulse rate, which I predict will enable them to react faster.  People with a lower pulse rate will have a faster reaction time than those with higher pulse rates because if u have a lower pulse rate you are more relaxed so can be more concentrated on the task.

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People that are right handed will have faster reaction times than those that are left-handed. I believe this to be correct because right handed people in my opinion seem to have practised this type of reaction more than those that are left handed I have chosen to investigate the following hypothesises;  Males have a faster reaction time than females. and * People with a lower pulse rate will have faster reaction times. Method: I will test the reaction times by randomly choosing 20 males and 20 females using random sampling.

I have chosen quite a large sample so as to make my data more accurate. This will hopefully help to overcome bias results that I may have in my collected data. I will record their gender and take their pulse rate for one minute and put it into a table. Before asking them to catch a 30cm ruler with their thumb and forefinger, which will be measured 1cm apart either side of the ruler in order to stop people having an unfair advantage therefore hindering any bias results. I will then drop the ruler without any notification and let the subject catch the ruler with their thumb and forefinger.

I will then measure and record in a table how far the ruler dropped in cm. I will then repeat this a further 2 times so as to obtain 3 separate results which will enable me to take an average and make my data more accurate and help overcome any bias results that I might receive. Once all my raw data has been collected I will investigate my data by finding averages such as the mean and plotting my data into relevant graphs and placing in appropriate tables and will investigate to see if my hypotheses are correct.

I will state if my hypotheses are correct and explain my findings found through out the duration of the investigation in my conclusion and sum up how well the investigation was carried out and how I may have improved it if I did it again in my evaluation. Raw Data: I have recorded the pulse rate, gender and the results of each subject catching the ruler in the chart below. I have also calculated the mean average of the length the ruler dropped for each subject so as to make the results more accurate. Gender Pulse rate Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3 Average Drop.

Results: Firstly, I will put the data collected into a scatter diagram to see if there is any possible links between gender, pulse rates and how they affect reaction times. This may also tell me whom generally has better reaction times and pulse rates. The correlation of the plotted results of females on the scatter graph is positive. This suggests that the higher a females pulse rate is the longer it takes them to catch the ruler so a slower reaction time. Therefore implying my hypotheses those with lower pulse rates will have better reaction times to be correct. There is positive correlation on the males scatter graph also.

Like the females it inclines at about the same rate. However due to the males generally having a lower pulse rate it is positioned a little lower than that of the females. This strongly implies that the lower the pulse rate the faster your reaction time is and the males have better reaction times because they generally have lower pulse rates. From these graphs it is evident that males have better reaction times than females so suggesting both my hypotheses that males will have a better reaction time than females and that people with lower pulse rates will have better reaction times to be correct.

To investigate further I will draw a cumulative frequency table to enable me to put my data into a cumulative frequency curve. This will give me an approximate idea of what the median and the inter-quartile range will be. The table can also tell me how often a particular group of results was obtained. Cumulative Frequency table to show mean average of female drops Drop (d) in cm Frequency Cumulative Frequency 5 Cumulative Frequency table to show mean average of male drops.



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