The Independent and The Star - Sample Essay

I am comparing two pieces of text written about Mike Gatting in 1990. The first text is from a broadsheet newspaper, “The Independent”. The second is a tabloid article from “The Star”, when analysing these two articles I should notice very different styles but also subtle changes to way the events occur. The article from the Independent has a basic formal layout of, the heading, a small introduction and then the article with no breaks or pictures. The heading “Mike Gatting get canned at tea-time” uses two cases of alliteration with the ‘g’ and the ‘t’.

The headline is also informative about what has happened. I thought that although the word ‘canned’ is a pun, I thought that this headline isn’t ambiguous, and can be seen in only one way which is partly expected coming from a broadsheet newspaper. This newspaper is aimed at a higher educated person who expects an informative article that is not biased or opinionated. This article is written from a neutral position expressing points from both sides of the situation. The more complex language in this article consists of complex words and long in depth sentences.

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Words such as ‘vilified’ are used as they give more detail on the matter. Very little colloquial language is used throughout the article. There is a section in the middle of the article where Dr Balner offers his opinion to the reader. This has been used to subconsciously persuade the reader to a certain feeling or thought about the matter without the reader knowing the writer has included this intentionally. The article from ‘The Star’ consists of a cover story and a full story. The cover story starts with a large appealing headline, ‘Gatting stoned by mob at demo’.

This headline is very short and easy to read. It is also emotive, and ambiguous as the word ‘stoned’ could have been viewed in a different way. I can say that this particular article is aimed at lower educated people but also for younger people. Simple colloquial language is used to convey the thoughts and actions of people easily to the reader. I also feel that events are exaggerated and sensationalised to keep the reader interested, examples are frequent such as ‘Gatting ran for his life’. The opening sentence of the article is simple and persuasive against Mike Gatting.

The word ‘rebel’ suggests that Mike Gatting has done something wrong and cannot be trusted. This article is very biased and has expressed the writers opinion openly. Overall, I feel that even though the tabloid article is opinionated and helps the reader to view the situation easier, I prefer to have read the broadsheet as it is more trustworthy and neutrally written so the article is not biased to a certain area, you will often find that most tabloid newspapers support certain people in politics and this can often be seen in there articles, this may also distort the truth to make one person sound better than another.



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