The indefinite article - Sample Essay

The indefinite article “A” is used a lot; it is used to refer to something inparticular, “A player must not wear anything that is dangerous”, in this case it is stating something about a player. This makes the reader know what it is stating about the person. Nouns aren’t the only things that have been used a lot, verbs have as well. Possibility verbs have been used to create suspense to whether something will happen or not, or that something could be done. “A goalkeeper may… ” here it is used to suggest that the goalkeeper can be changed at any time, just like a normal substitution if need to.

It appeals to the audience because it will create an air of mystery to whether they will change any part of the team. This type of verb used and control verbs are the only ones used, due to other types of verbs being about emotions and this type of writing doesn’t have anything like that involved, as it is a formal piece of writing. Exclusive pronouns are also used in this type of writing. They are used when it refers to when someone can return back to the game. “He/She can then return back to the game”.

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Usually when exclusive pronouns are used there is a problem with excluding the other gender. Here he/she is used. This will help because when the audience reads it non of the genders will feel discriminated against, as usually it would say he as men used to just play football, but now women do. So far in this essay I have highlighted the key technical terminologies that have been included in my first piece. In my second piece I have tried to include some that I haven’t used so far so that I have a range of different terminologies used.

For my second piece I did an advert for a new sized football (size 6). There isn’t a lot of writing on it, but I have tried to include a lot of technical terminology from what I have written. The main terminology that I have used is adjectives. I have used comparative adjectives to give the reader an idea of how good the product actually is. “Will you do any better no the ball is bigger? ” This sort of speech set a standard and helps the audience to gauge it against another familiar noun.

This quote is also a rhetorical question, as the audience won’t be able to answer the question until they have tried it out. This makes the audience feel involved in the text, and might get them to buy the product. The definite article has been used “The”. It has been used to emphasise what is so special about it. If you had the sentence without “The” then it would be quite plain and simple, but using it, it refers to something inparticular making it more interesting. Sexual connotation has been used, and has been expressed by how big the font is.

“How big are your balls” has two meanings e. g. how big are your footballs, or the sexual way. Sexual connotations are used for humour and to keep the audience entertained and to not make the passage boring. It is suitable for this sort of writing as I am really on about football, and this is what the reader would think. Throughout this analysis I have tried to pick out the main points in my two pieces of work and explain them the best I could by saying how the feature appeals to the audience, why it is suitable for the purpose of the text and how does it endure menaing.



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